About Us

About us

BYAXIOM Solutions Limited is a fully registered company under the Companies & Allied Matters Act of 1990 with Registration No: RC 634374. The company’s strength lies in gathering in-depth business domain knowledge by scientifically capturing, managing system requirements and converting them into a robust design, which can withstand changes and is relatively risk free. This ensures the success of the project undertaken.

The company is apt at developing frameworks, based on a service-based architecture, which help in converting a design into a strong product quickly and efficiently. Our products and services are designed to ensure maximum availability, product and system integrity, robustness and security while enhancing flexibility, optimal utilization and cost-effectiveness.

This gives us the ability to develop products and projects, which have high magnitude of complexities or large volume of data. We are always happier at the end of any project because we become stronger and smarter after executing any task. That is exactly what keeps us in the business.